A device to read out your DSMR compliant meter via the P1 port. Doesn't need external power supply when used with DSMR v5.x meters.

Status: testing ETA: 2020-01-25
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Pwutseltronics’ first creation! :)

The Metertrekker can be used to read out your DSMR compliant energy meter via the P1 port. It can be used with Wemos D1 mini (compatible) MCUs (not included).


It’s currently in the alpha testing stage. A prototype has been operational for some time, first on a breadboard, now on a v1.0d PCB (pictured).


current: testing v1.0d
2020-01-18: 6P6C jacks arrived, completed assembly of first board
2019-11-27: parts arrived (except for 6P6C jacks)
2019-11-12: first batch of PCBs received
2019-10-25: first batch of PCBs ordered


Using the firmware I wrote, you can easily push the extracted data to MQTT, including in Influx format. Then using e.g. Telegraf this can easily be forwarded to InfluxDB and stored. Together with Grafana this gives a complete data retrieval, storage and display system. :)

Grafana dashboard with energy consumption graphs
The result of my setup, described above


Upon ordering (which is not yet possible) thou shalt receive a kit consisting of the following:

  • 1x Metertrekker PCB
  • 1x 6P6C jack
  • 1x short 6P6C or 6P4C cable (depending on DSMR version)
  • 1x 2N7000 transistor
  • 1x 470R resistor
  • 1x 2k4 resistor
  • 1x 4k7 resistor
  • 1x 470µF ≥6.3V capacitor

On request, I’ll also include a 2x3 RM2.54 pin socket for the Shitty Add-on Connector. I don’t include them by default as most people probably won’t use it.

Of course it’s patent pending, all rights reserved, completely vegan, etc.